Nitro Pump

Nitro Pump 2.0 – 400g

NEW! The most explosive booster from Body Attack ever!

  • 20800 mg Mega Dosed Pump Matrix per serving
  • Next-level arginine Agmapure®
  • DMAE & plant extracts for maximum focus



Even better, even more explosive, even more effective – we’ve ramped it up another notch: Nitro Pump 2.0 – an advanced product from our bestselling booster without caffeine and sugar additives. The ultimate training booster for greater performance and focus.

Even better, even more explosive, even more effective – take your training to the next level with Nitro Pump 2.0! After the insane success of our bestselling product without caffeine, our second version packs even more Pre-Workout Booster than ever before.

The selected and extensively tested Mega Dosed Pump Matrix supplies only the highest quality nutrients such as DMAE, Creapure®, Carnosyn® and Agmapure®. And lets you access a never-before-seen level of performance and clarity. Always focused on one goal: the ultimate pump!


1. Product highlights

  • Second version of the ultimate Pre-Workout Booster
  • Without caffeine > no sleep disorders
  • 20,800 mg Mega Dosed Pump Matrix per serving
  • Powerful nutrient components with Creapure®
  • With the next-level arginine Agmapure®
  • CarnoSyn®: Beta alanine for an explosive workout
  • With DMAE & plant extracts for maximum focus
  • Optimiser for normal protein and energy metabolism
  • Low carb & zero sugar
  • Product of the Cologne List
  • Improved taste: Fruit Punch & Cranberry (similar to fruit juice)
  • 32 servings

Get the ultimate, multi-tested Pre-Workout Booster. Because all the latest findings indicate that Nitro Pump 2.0 from Body Attack delivers you the optimal formulation for the ultimate workout and, what’s more, with its new improved flavour it even tastes awesome. Get motivated right down to the roots of your hair and focus like never before on pumping iron.

2. Only the highest quality ingredients

In engineering the Pre-Workout Booster only the best raw materials were good enough. Nitro Pump from Body Attack is not for nothing on the Cologne List. Top athletes use the list to find information on effective, clean nutritional supplements with a minimised risk of doping.

In order to perform strength training successfully, the body needs a variety of nutrients. They allow workouts even at high loads and hence favour muscle growth that results from a successful workout. The second version of the ultimate Pre-Workout Booster from Body Attack combines numerous nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, plant extracts, creatine, DMAE and taurine in a single product.

3. Creatine for more power in training

Creatine increases physical performance in dynamic strength training as part of short-term, high intensity physical exercise. This means you can up the muscular limits of your training – more weight and more repetitions – which in turn promote muscles growth. To feel this positive effect in training, the body needs 3 g of creatine per day. Nitro Pump 2.0 contains the patented Creapure®, manufactured in Germany and known throughout the world as the purest and best quality creatine around.

4. Important amino acids for protein metabolism

Increasing the scope of sports training means placing a greater demand on energy and protein metabolism. The daily diet must contain sufficient amounts of protein to prevent muscle breakdown. Nitro Pump contains the amino acids BCAA, L-Arginine and L-Glutamine, some of the basic building blocks of muscle proteins. They can help support a protein-rich diet as well as protein metabolism for anybody taking part in intense periods of training or exercise. In turn, proteins help to build-up and maintain muscle mass.

Nitro Pump 2.0 contains the latest generation of arginine with Agmapure®. Agmapure® is known as agmatine sulphate and can be incorporated into the body in arginine and amino acid metabolism. Many of those who have tried it talk about Agmapure ® being the “next-level-arginine”!

In addition, the ultimate Pre-Workout Booster from Body Attack contains Carnosyn®, the highest form of beta alanine. This is the top-selling beta alanine in America and is ideal for intense workouts owing to its ability to increase muscle carnosine and therefore total muscle buffer capacity.


5. What are the other active substances in Body Attack Nitro Pump?

  • DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol-bitartrate) is known for promoting brain function and concentration
  • Magnesium contributes to normal muscle and nerve functions. Our body needs substantially larger quantities of this mineral during intense periods of training or exercise.
  • Niacin, like magnesium, can help to reduce fatigue and is particularly useful for high intensity training schedules.
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 are known as micro-nutrients. They must be consumed in adequate quantities in our daily diet, as they are involved in the conversion and development processes in protein and carbohydrate metabolism (creatine-ATP production).
  • Ginseng is a member of the plant family Araliaceae and comes from Asia. In combination with the B vitamins contained, the plant extract may help to reduce mental and physical fatigue, especially during a high-intensity training phase.
  • Like its predecessor, Body Attack Nitro Pump 2.0 contains no caffeine. It is therefore suitable for athletes who cannot tolerate caffeine or train in the evenings before going to bed but do not want to miss out on the ultimate kick before a workout.


6. Content:

400 g