Muscle Creatine – 240 Maxi-Caps

Muscle Creatine (Creapure) – 240 Maxi-Caps

  • Creatine monohydrat (Creapure®)
  • Lactose free
  • Made in Germany




1. Creapure® – The best creatine powder worldwide

Muscle Creatine Caps from the House of Body Attack contains Creapure®, produced in Germany and considered the purest and best-quality creatine worldwide. It is a micro-fine powder, free of lactose.


2. Highlights

  • 100 % high-quality, creatine monohydrate (Creapure®)
  • Creapure® is produced using non-animal ingredients and is synonymous with quality, purity and easy availability
  • Maxi-Caps
  • Made in Germany
  • Lactose free!


3. Creatine for more power in training

Creatine is a natural, endogenous substance which the body can produce using the amino acids Glycine, Arginine and Methionine. The special thing about creatine is that it can boost physical performance as part of brief and intense workouts during speed and power training. But the body needs at least 3 g per day in order to achieve this performance-boosting effect. And the body´s daily production of creatine is only around 1 g. The missing 2 g can be taken with nutrition – meat and fish products in particular are rich in creatine – or in special dietary supplements such as Muscle Creatine.

Athletes wishing to maintain a balanced and healthy diet should not eat more than 300–600 g of meat and sliced sausage per week, also fish 1-2 per week. This is why it is not unusual that endogenous production and the quantities consumed in daily diets are insufficient. It is more than sensible at this point to use a supplement such as Muscle Creatine by Body Attack to ensure that the creatine phosphate reserves are constantly replenished and to boost explosive power training during workouts.


4. Muscle Creatine is not just suited to strength athletes

Body Attack Muscle Creatine is primarily targeted at strength athletes and bodybuilders, seeking to develop more power in training. But women wishing to improve their tissue tone through regular power training can also benefit from taking this product. It is also well-suited to endurance athletes, aiming to boost their sprint speeds in short, intense bursts of training.

Given that the main source of creatine in normal nutrition comes from meat, people who eat little or no animal products have a restricted intake in their diets. And for this group, Muscle Creatine is perfect to achieve the quantity of 3 g per day required to achieve a boost in performance.


5. Which products can Muscle Creatine Caps be combined with best?

  1. With Body Attack Energy Loader to supply the body and the musculature with sufficient energy before and after training.
  2. With Body Attack Magnesium + Calcium tablets, as these two minerals are involved in normal muscle functions.
  3. With the amino acids Arginine and Beta Alanine, as Arginine plays an important role in the protein metabolism and Beta Alanine has a part to play in the muscle-creatine metabolism.
  4. With high-quality Body Attack Iso Whey Professional, used to build and preserve muscle mass, especially after intense training sessions.


6. Content:

240 capsules