Diet Shakes



Losing weight with diet shakes

The diet shake by Body Attack contains protein, fat and carbohydrate in a balanced ratio as specified in the German Diet Ordinance (§§ 14 a sections 2, 21 a, sections 4 and 6 and appendix 17).

This means that the body is well-supplied with nutrients although the energy intake is reduced. The body receives unbalanced nutrition in many diets, and so deficits may ensue. Working people also have frequent difficulties judging the nutrients contained in a meal when they are reliant on eating away from home. As diet helpers, the diet shakes support weight reduction.

Protein is the main constituent in the diet shakes. The body absorbs milk protein (casein) very slowly. Its rough structure means it remains in the stomach for a long time and is a good way of achieving that full feeling. Whey protein is an extremely valuable, rapidly digested protein with a high content of essential amino acids that the body is unable to produce itself and must therefore be provided a part of the nutrition. Soy isolate is a high-quality vegetable protein.

It is easy to cut calorie intake with the diet shakes. The energy consumed per meal is less than 300 kcal. Overweight people who use diet shakes to replace entire meals and do not snack in-between times can lose weight.