Whether for endurance sport, muscle growth or regeneration, either in fitness, diets or health: The manufacturer and distributor Body Attack Sports Nutrition has offered high-quality dietary supplements for any defined goal since 1994.

The product portfolio has long since become an integral element of the ranges on offer in many European fitness studios, sports clubs, wholesalers, pharmacies and shops. Body Attack occupies a pioneering role in the field of sports and dietary nutrition thanks to a wide range of innovation.

1. The Cologne List as an important symbol of trust
Cologne ListOur outstanding quality is also reflected in the Cologne List (Kölner Liste), which is of such crucial importance for top athletes. This document lists nutritional supplements, tested for banned substances by independent experts at the Center for Preventive Doping Research at the German Sport University Cologne. We make sure our products are tested to inform our customers about the listed dietary supplements and to do away with any possible uncertainties. Products on the Cologne List convey more than just transparency, they also create trust.

Additionally, our products regularly receive stamps of quality such as the golden DLG badge or the state-certified Organic Produce Seal, which confirms organic production and expresses the sustainability of our merchandise.


2. The right concept for every partner
Made in GermanyThe professionals from HSV Handball, the Hamburg Golf Association, the premier-league hockey association Club an der Alster and the fast Olympic sailer Tobias Schadewaldt place their trust in our expert know-how and benefit from our quality products made in Germany.



3. Body Attack´s corporate video